Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Discovering Oneself Through Mixed Media Art

Art is a range of human activity used by the artist to express its imaginary skill through different techniques’. When more than one art form is mixed with another, it is called mixed art. Putting a variety of materials into one another together to make unique pieces is also known as mixed media. Art can be formed from any of the material including fabric, wood, stones, tiles, painted canvases, etc.

Mixed media art classes are a similar form of art. These are originally started from two-dimensional art forms and then widening to other dimensions. Moreover, paintings done in two-dimensional include usage of crayons, different types of paints, oils, fabrics etc. Any material that can be used for the artwork can be used.

Like other art forms, mixed media demands a new way of thinking about art and lets the artist discover new things and more creative process. Overall, it makes the artist more creative.
Mixed media art form neither does nor uses traditional methods of artistry. However, it welcomes new art forms and helps the artist to discover themselves in a new way and also helps in looking the world from a different perspective.

To be a good artist and to master art forms, one needs to have a strong grip over backgrounds. Backgrounds set the stage for the artist and its art.

In order to keep you motivated and determined, it is often advised to artists that they should maintain a color journal. It helps in keeping them motivated. Moreover, observation plays a big role. Artists can record the types of colors; fabrics etc that they notice anywhere can record them in their journal. This will help in giving ideas when they will work on their artwork.

Along with, all the creativity and ideas what matters more is the balance. An artist should be balanced. Balance to brain activity contributes to our health and physical activity. Creativity helps in better understanding of an artist. It helps the artist to discover creative abilities and skills. These creative skills, inner experience, balance helps in creating more good artwork and helps in explaining the artist better.

In order to get a perfect artwork, whether it is a simple artwork or a mixed media artwork, it is often advised to start with simple. Keeping the artwork simple with less usage of colors, fabrics etc. This helps in understand colors much well. Setting a color limit also helps in the process. Try working with fewer fabrics and colors sometimes. This will help in mixing colors and other fabrics very well. Creating artwork with wood logs is also useful. Mixing one or more mediums while creating an artwork on wood is also good. Also, the scrap left can be used during other mixed media artwork. Wooden frames make good photo frames.  Lastly, while making a mix media art form keep a look of both positive and negative side of the painting to enhance your painting skill to make a better mix media art form.

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