Thursday, 4 September 2014

Life Drawing Etiquette

For an artist, life drawing is soul satisfying work as it poses a lot of challenge. Many would want to learn life drawing. Although they cannot take up a regular classes, there are weekend classes available or some studios even offer evening classes like evening classes Melbourne. Life drawing has always been the crux of art lessons. It is one of the oldest form of art which has been followed for centuries. Hence it is of utmost importance. Life drawing poses several challenges like structure, form, etc. It gives the artist a chance to display his or her skills. The model who poses for the artists is a subject of study. The artists learn to draw the model and learn in the process.

What are the etiquette to follow in a life drawing class? In a life drawing class most of the time the models will have to be unclad, and it is the artist's duty to make the model feel comfortable. The model is after all helping the artists in learning their work and hence it is good to be graceful and thankful towards the model. Make the model feel welcome and thank the model once the work is finished. It is good to talk to them during breaks but it is rude to talk about their bodies or complementing them on their looks. However innocent the comment maybe, it can be taken in the wrong way by the model. Hence avoid it. It is rude not to give them space when they are covering themselves between the breaks. Staring at them even during breaks is a big no no. For beginners it might be difficult to act normal, but be composed. Staring is rude. Commenting or talking during classes can distract other students as well as the model.

A model is the subject of the art work, hence respecting the model is the duty of the artist. Join art classes today

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